Prokos develops and produces high-capacity, modern process- monitoring systems to be used during clinching and self-pierce riveting with pneumohydraulic, hydraulic or electric drives. Units are available for following types of machines: single or multi point guns and press tools for one or more clinch combinations (sheet metal combinations).

PK Systems conduct force / distance monitoring using single or double envelope curves, to detect typical process failures (e.g. chippings of punch or die, open sliding piece) during clinching or self- pierce riveting. The special, patent- registered monitoring software allows for separate detection of random (single occurrence) and systematical (multiple occurrence) process failures.

Additionally, an automatic calculation of the bottom thickness of clinching points can be conducted by the force / distance signals and continuously documented.

Extensive expert knowledge in assembly and mounting technology is on-hand. Solutions for many types of machines are available due to long lasting cooperation with brand clinch and self- pierce riveting machine manufacturers.

The documentation of process failure can be executed automatically over network or by PC based unit versions.