Prokos develops and produces high capacity, modern process monitoring systems for many types of machines (e.g. single and multi blow, rotary and multi station header, boltmaker as well as flat die, planetary and infeed rollers) in cold forming.

PK Systems are capable of detecting multi sensor signals (force, acoustic, distance) and to evaluate them in detail. Special monitoring procedures to detect errors during wire feed stop, transfer monitoring, forming and ejector monitoring are available. All phases of the production process can be monitored with Quattromatic and Systomatic envelope curves.

Extensive expert knowledge for screw, nut, rivet, coil and special parts production is on-hand. In cooperation with EWMenn a sensor for match setup determination was developed for flat die rollers.

Solutions for many popular types of machines are available due to long lasting cooperation with brand leading manufacturers of forming machines. Process monitoring systems integrated in machine control are available for following machines: Schuler KB, F – presses, Hatebur AKP, EWM GW, Formatech (Wafios) FM.

Integrations are possible for all PC based handling systems using a Windows operating system (Windows NT or higher). All PK Systems can be plugged into Brankamp MDE/BDE Systems DC 5000.