Prokos develops and produces high capacity, modern process monitoring systems for many types of machines (e.g. stamping presses, multi station presses, fine blanking) in sheet metal forming.

PK Systems are capable to measure analog, multi sensor signals (force, acoustic, distance) and evaluate them in detail. Additionally, binary sensors like e.g. light beam gates, inductive or mechanic limit switches can be connected, which can be visualized on the PK unit and evaluated with high capacity methods.

Extensive expert knowledge for monitoring systems in different fine and thick sheet metal processing is on-hand (e.g. automotive manufacturers and component suppliers, sealing manufacturers, spring manufacturers, plug and contact manufacturers, enclosure manufacturers, fastener manufacturers (washers etc.) bearing manufacturers, electronic industry, packing industry, furniture industry, locks and hinges manufacturers, lamination manufacturers).

Typical process failures in sheet metal processing which can be detected with PK systems are: machine and tool overload, punch breakage, pulled up slug, feed and ejection failure as well as cracks and wrinkles during deep drawing.

In long lasting cooperation with numerous press manufacturers (e.g. Bruderer, Fagor, Gräbener, Haulik&Roos, Helmerding, Kaiser, Raster, Schuler) process monitoring systems, integrated in the manufacturers PC based machine control, were developed.

Integrations are possible for all PC based handling systems using a Windows operating system (Windows NT or higher). All PK Systems can be plugged into Brankamp MDE/BDE Systems DC 5000.